Holocaust Survivors

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Holocaust Survivors
The world's biggest desolation that caused the murders of millions of
Jewish people took place during WWII. The Holocaust orchestrated by the
Nazi Empire destroyed millions of lives and created questions about humanity that may never be answered. Many psychological effects caused by the Holocaust forever changed the way the Jewish people view the world and themselves. The Jewish people have been scarred for generations and may never be able to once again associate with the rest of the free world. Further, these scars have now become the looking glass through which the survivors and their children view the world.
Through narrow eyes, the survivors relate everything to the experiences they endured during the
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Subconsciously the parents implant feelings and ideas into their new families that never would have existed before the Holocaust.

The pre-Holocaust family was simple. The children were valuable to the parents and were groomed to be like the mother or father of the child.
Mothers placed children extremely high in value, and that value was returned from the child towards the mother. At the age of 13 the child would take on the role of the parents as a young adult. Not too long after the child turned 18, he or she would be married and live comfortably working for the family business. Children were well educated and most were financially secure. The children would be raised to follow the proud Jewish religion and learn to only accept those around them who were also of the faith. The Holocaust changed all of that. Families were torn apart. Rarely would more then one member of a family survive. Therefore, families had to be rebuilt starting with nothing. Rebuilding was not easy for the Jewish people because everything they knew about the world had changed and they were no longer accepted by anybody.

Just after the Holocaust had ended and Jewish Survivors found their way back to the towns, they returned only to find everything they had once owned seized by the Nazi empire and their Christian neighbors who they had trusted. This made the


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