Study Guide: Information Technology

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ISM 3011 Test 2 Study Guide
Know the following terms and concepts from Chapters 5 - 7

Moore’s Law (and constraints on it) – (Intel co-founder) Chips performance per dollar doubles every 18 months. Data storage will double every 12 months. With an optical cable it can double every 9 months.
Microprocessor - The brain of any computing device.
Volatile memory - When power goes out, all that was not saved is lost.
Non-volatile – storage that will retain data even when power goes out (hard disc, flash memory, DVD)
RAM – Random access Memory - temporary storage that provides fast access for executing computer programs and files. When you “load” or “launch” a program, it usually moves from your hard drive to those RAM chips, where it can
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Mainstream media
Social media
Most popular platform for blogs
Symmetrical & Asymmetrical following
RSS - really simple syndication” and “rich site summary. Enables busy users to scan the headlines of newly available content and click on an item’s title to view items of interest, thus sparing them from having to continually visit sites to find out what’s new
Folksonomies - social tagging) are keyword-based classification systems created by user communities as they generate and review content. (hatchtag). Are keyword-based classification systems created by user communities as they view and generate content?
Mash-up – a combination of two or more technologies (location and map) Use GPS and other devises (Googles mapping tools).
Prediction markets – diverse, decentralized (not just for one area), and independent (from others input). Where a diverse crowd is polled and opinions aggregated to form a forecast of an eventual outcome.
Online reputation management - Firms specializing in this field will track a client firm’s name, brand, executives’ names, or other keywords, reporting online activity and whether sentiment trends toward the positive or negative
1st – 5th waves of computing
Inventories of chip manufacturers
Technological leapfrogging
Cross-side benefits
Wikis -
Twitter - a microblogging service that allows users to post 140-character messages (tweetsA Twitter post, limited to 140


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