Team Work in Human Resource Management

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Team work
Teamwork is a situation where people cooperate to meet common goals (Dinsmore and Brewin 151). In teamwork, people are able to exchange useful aspects that are necessary for the accomplishment of the organizational goals. For instance, the staff gets a chance to exchange information, opinions as well as useful ideas. This improves the performance of a group. Through teamwork, the employees’ productivity is increased significantly. The human resource management is all about maximum utilization of the available human resource. Many organizations in the tourism and
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According to Select Knowledge , the ideal size of a group which will give a room for maximum participation of the members is between five and seven persons (31). However, this will depend on the activities in which the group is involved with. Another major factor which determines the effectiveness of teams is the group composition. For a team to be effective, its members must have complementary skills. These skills must also be relevant to the function of the team. This ensures that the group members are engaged in constructive exchange of ideas that are relevant in their respective areas of interest. These ideas should complement each other. Otherwise there would no any invention.
Cohesiveness is another important factor which determines the team effectiveness. Cohesiveness is a measure of how the group members are determined and wishes to remain in a group (Select Knowledge 31). One of the aspects of cohesiveness is social attraction. Social attraction is characterized by members liking each other as well as sharing of common goals. Cohesiveness in a team is also strengthened by the external threats for instance having the same business competitor. Rewards and the rewarding system have an implication on the group’s effectiveness. The members of the staff need to be motivated in order to encourage them to fully participate in the team’s activities. For instance, rewarding the top performing teams will encourage all the members of


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