Human Resource Managament Case Study

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1.0 CASE STUDY: Human Resource Management issues at Xrok Co.
The president of Xrok Co. has called a meeting to get your feedback on Jack, a department manager. Jack is what some people call “from the old school” of management. He is gruff, bossy, and often shows an “it’s my way or the highway” attitude. Jack is about five years from retirement.
Jack has a high labour turnover rate in his department. There have been several complaints on company surveys about him from his department and from outside his department. People have commented on the fact that Jack is “rude” during meetings and doesn’t let others contribute. There are times when he has belittled people in meetings and in the hallway. He also talks about his staff “critically” or
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• Assess surplus or shortage of human resources available over a specified period of time.
• Anticipate the impact of technology on jobs and requirements for human resources.
• Control the human resources already deployed in the organisation.
• Provide lead time available to select and train the required additional human resource over a specified time period. 2.3 Importance of Human Resource Planning

2.3.1 Future manpower needs
Human resource planning ensures that there is sufficient number of staff required to continue the smooth operation of the organisation. The need for human resource planning is felt in order to identify areas of surplus personnel or areas in which there is shortage of personnel. Then, in case of surplus personnel, it can be redeployed in other areas of organisation. On the other hand, in case of shortage of personnel, it can be made good by downsizing the workforce. It should also ensure that there is the right type of people in right number at right times. By maintaining a balance between demand for and supply of human resources, human resource planning makes the best possible use of human resources and reduces labour cost substantially.

2.3.2 Development of Human Resources
Human resource planning helps to identify the skill requirements for various levels of jobs. Human resource planning helps the organisation create and develop training and succes¬sion planning for employees and managers to get the required skill and


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