Internship Experience Customer Tech Support

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Customer Technical Support Experience with InterTech

Introduction I am very grateful that I have achieved a portion of my goals before I am too old. It was the year 2001-2004; I was enrolled and studying to be a computer technician at Western Nebraska Community College. I learned how to troubleshoot computers; program websites, and work in a database program. As I graduated for the first time at Western Nebraska Community College as a Computer Technician in May 2004, I was persuaded to continue my education by my family and friends and now currently continuing on with Chadron Stage College working towards my Bachelors degree where I am currently earning Internship credits working at InterTECH corporation. Within high-tech
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Here you will examine the skills needed to excel and how to develop them. It all begins with ownership of the customer's problem and how you provide the service that the situation calls for - it is an opportunity to build a relationship or a chance to preside over a disaster. In this paper the following the ways that truly allows the process of creating good customer service to work are implied: - Provide extra service - Speak Your Customer's Language - Be Culturally Aware - Take Ownership - Understand Your Customer's Business - Don't Share Internal Problems - Try Self-Improvement - Build Customer Relationships - Know Your Competition - Develop Mental Scripts - Create Superior Product Knowledge - Be Pro-active with Customers - Build Teamwork - Managing Telephone Skills - Empowerment - Satisfying the Existing Customer - Measuring Service Performance - Basic Actions of Customer Service - Serving the Internet Customer - Having a Positive Attitude

My Responsibilities and Record of Activities as a Technical Support Agent This section does not include the specific technical details of the tasks that I have done, because they may be too technical to comprehend and that they are classified information from the company, but it is consisted of my insights and the things that I have learned that are relevant to the following tasks:
1. Answer incoming calls from


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