How is the concept of art influenced by the culture you are in

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“How is the concept of Art influenced by the culture you are in?”

Thiha Soul -13597

Lau Sheow Tong
History of Arts and Ideas I D-FA203



No one can deny that art is always changing and affecting the all society of entire world and art has acted as a dramatic reflection of the social and political events taking place in regions in recent decades. So, what is art? , Art is a variety of human activities and the products of these activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts, including the creation of images or objects in fields such as painting, sculpture, print, photography and other visual things. Some said that there really is no such things as Art .There are
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Government controlled the country with not only the military power, but also with the new culture called pop culture. Pop culture, also known as popular culture, some people who deeply interest in fine art said pop culture is fancy, and pop culture is against the fine art .Pop culture is kind of pop art movement, which is started in the mid of
50’s in Britain and late 50’s in US and the concept of Pop art is making a statement by challenging the tradition of art and it makes more easy to access for the masses using mass production objects. All about pop art, the earliest statement about pop art was done by Marxist philosophers Adorno and Horkheimer from Frankfurt school. In 1947 , they produced the book “The Dialectic of Enlightenment “ , they said pop culture is produced by the Government to make the people lack of their reality in everyday life and not to against the government , and this process is called culture industry .Purposely made that accessible for public enjoyment as a park. But the disappearance of their genuine commodity character does not mean that they have been abolished in the life of a free society, but that the

THIHA SOUL last defense against their reduction to culture goods has fallen. Pop culture has come to be regarded as an art of external appearances, post-war form of realism dedicated to the dispassionate deification of the common object to the manipulation of images and


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