Education and Students

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Task 5 Given:“Curriculum guides allow you the flexibility of adapting your instruction to the individual learning needs of your students. . . . You will also want to remain flexible in choosing the level of behavioral complexity of your unit and lesson outcomes. For these decisions, the information you will need to match the complexity of your objectives to the needs of your learners will come from their in-class oral responses, practice exercises, performance assessments, homework, and tests. You will want to use these often to adjust the level of your instruction to your learners” (Borich, 2004, p. 130).
View the video clip appropriate to your area of emphasis (see web links below).Elementary: “Content Area Reading”
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Elementary and secondary program students should access the following video clips:
Topic: Pre-Algebra: Pan Balance Equations
Heading: Teaching Examples (video)
Video: 1–6 Early childhood education students should access the following video clips:
Topic: Word Patterns
Heading: Teaching Examples
Videos: Introduction, Clips 1-4, and conclusion Requirements: A. Write an essay in which you evaluate the lesson in terms of the following attributes of curricular design (1–2 paragraphs per attribute):
1. The lesson has a clear purpose that is transmitted during the lesson presentation.
2. The lesson refers to background knowledge and information from previous lessons.
3. The lesson has a clear delivery method(s) (e.g., direct instruction, indirect instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry, self-directed learning).
4. The lesson addresses a variety of learning styles and intelligences.
5. The lesson provides for assessment of student understanding.
Task 8
Introduction:According to Alan Hofmeister and Margaret Lubke, “Pacing has two dimensions.” They say,
One dimension, curriculum pacing, is concerned with the rate at which progress is made through the curriculum. The second dimension, lesson pacing, is concerned with the pace at which a teacher conducts individual lessons. One team of researchers summed up the importance of pacing as follows:Researchers have shown that most students, including low-achieving


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