Zenith Case

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In the Zenith Computer Terminals (A) case, they are trying to figure out how to increase a net profit of $450,000 to $1 million within the next year. Rob Zwettler has recently been promoted to the assistant manager of President of Zenith Computer Terminals. His job is to work on different levels of the organizations.
Rob met up with each department (sales, production, marketing and administration) in the organization to learn more about what was happening in the departments. With what he has learned about each department, Zwettler has to make recommendations to the president of Zenith Computer Terminals Juan Mendez on how the organization can achieve the net profit of $1 million.

1. Develop a new budget based on how the ideal
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Marketing Department:
Major objective: Support sales force efforts to achieve $12,000,000 sales volume by providing sales leads and new product, within budget of $1,500,000.
Four Objectives:
1. Select vendors to develop terminal by the end of March.
2. Vendor designed approved terminal by end of September.
3. Develop new brochure by June to be available by September.
4. Implement a monthly direct mail program capable of producing 8,640 inquiries during year (about 360 per sales rep.) D. Administrative Department:
Major objective: Cut back overhead costs from $500,000 to $450,000 and continue to provide efficient, administrative support to other departments.
Four objectives:
1. Terminate three clerical staff members, one by January 15, one by January 31, and the third by February 15.
2. Train staff to take up workload of terminated employees during these three periods, January 1-15, January 15-31, January 31-February 15.
3. Evaluate Joe Wallace by the end of January and make decision to replace or retain.
4. Start task force computer study by May 1, complete by December 1.

E. Service Department
Major objective: To handle all service calls efficiently within specified budget of $400,000.
Four objectives:
1. Hire and train three new service reps by the end of January.
2. Satisfactorily handle 6,880 projected service calls within 24 hours.
3. Design a new maintenance contract program by the end of June.


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