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Romanticism and Realism
In the late 18th century when the Industrial Revolution started to spread from England to other countries such as France, Spain and Germany and even in the U.S, the changes that its dynamic brought to the society were drastic and radically different of what people were used to until then. The work hours become longer; young children and their parents were working most of the time; new factories opened up and old villages now were the main workforce source to keep the production level up to the demand and supply requests. Villages started turning into urban centers, crowded by large number of people; poor people that
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Both artistic eras helped the following art to develop into their unique style and embody their unique elements of representation. When the society is lacking passion, emotion, spirituality and is craving something larger than the everyday life, something to remind them of the aesthetic of life and the beauty of nature, Romanticism is the door that has opened and will always open to provide that for the soul. When times get tough and the ordinary life does not provide the luxury for dreams and nostalgia, Realism Is the door that opens to reflects in canvas and the paintbrush the humble and the simple life of the society. That’s why it is important to preserve and safeguard each era authentically and prevent the eradication of any of those. They are both as necessary to society as any other art period and are an artifact of the humane evolution and civilization.
A perfect example would be the art work from the Romanticism art that represents so powerfully the unique elements of the era and reminds civilian of how life works its own way and how the humans find themselves in the nature in such mysterious dynamics but yet fascinating and unable to be changed. The art work of Thomas Cole in 1833-36, part of two series: The Course of the Empire (where fours paintings each representing the evolution and the changes of the life in specific times of the day, and how nature allows itself to prevail the human destruction. Each painting: The Savage State, The Pastoral State,