The Harlem Renaissance Poets

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Assignment 2: Project Paper: Harlem Renaissance Poets
Karron Scott
Prof. Josiah Harry
HUM 112: World Cultures II

The Harlem Renaissance was a wonderful allotment of advancement for the black poets and writers of the 1920s and early ‘30s. I see the Harlem Renaissance as a time where people gather together and express their work throughout the world for everyone to see the brilliance and talent the black descendants harness.
The two authors I picked were W.E.B Du Bois and Langston Hughes. The reason why I picked these two is because of the dedicated work they have flourished during the Harlem Renaissance. W.E.B Du Bois was one of the most famous black political leaders during that time. Du Bois had a lot of talent to bring
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Du Bois is considered more of a person who had great talent and knowledge to help everyone around him, more like an upbringing to freedom. The reason why I admire Bu Bois the most is because he actually organized and went forward on making a change and asseverate the experience of blacks in America, and created a pathway for the “Black Power” movements .This poem by Langston Hughes called “I, Too” is one of the few poems that really gives you a message you can actually relate to, not just the particular subject stated in the poem, but rather the overall message to human beings. One part that I love from this poem is when he said “Besides, They’ll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed – I, too, am America”. This peculiar message is something to take and think about deep in thought and interpret in a harmonious way, which is why he was so respected and the main figure of the Harlem Renaissance.
In my opinion, I think Langston’s “I Too” poem is about giving an irrefutable impact throughout the world. This particular line as well stated in the poem said “But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong”, this line I chose in particular explains that Hughes isn’t only growing physically as so may interpret, but rather grow mentally which states that Langston does not hold grudges and contain hate, but


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