Comparison Between the Notebook Movie and Book

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Enduring power of love: The Notebook The Notebook, written by Nicolas Sparks, can be named one of the best American romantic novels. The book portrays every trait in a guy or girl would desire to have in a significant other. According to Nicolas Sparks, “it is a celebration of how passion can be ageless and timeless, tales that moves us to laughter and tears and makes us believe in true love all over again”. The Notebook was on the New York Times best-seller list within the very first week of release. It spent over a year as a hardcover best seller. Theresa Park, Nicolas Sparks’ agent, discovered the book after going through her slush pile, without hesitation, Park offered to represent him. In 1995, one year later, Sparks agent …show more content…

According to Sparks (2004), True Love exists and there’s evidence of it every day. In 1932, Allison and Noah separate for fourteen years, but in the movie they separated in 1940 for only seven years. Many feel as if the huge timeline difference were to create tension for a more dramatic audience, considering younger audience would be drawn into the movie more. In the movie, Noah’s character is so much more romantic than in the book. Noah’s love for Allison was so strong in the movie, that he wrote her a letter every day for a year. That is three hundred and sixty five letters from a heart aching young man, who only wish in the world is to reunite with the love of his life. In the book, Noah wrote Allison one letter a month, the equivalent of only 12 letters. Cassavetes did a wonderful job into capturing such a raw talent and emotions that draws an audience attention. Unfortunately, Allison never receives one letter. So therefore, Noah had to mend his broken heart by moving on. Right before Noah left for the war, Noah sent his last love letter. The time frame was shortened for the movie, which made it a lot easier for younger audience to relate too. Nicolas Sparks, “The Notebook”, strongly informs the world on how true love exists, between a man and a woman. Noah and Allison had such true love that some way or another, their love carried them into the afterlife together. In both the book and movie, Noah sneaks Allison room, where they are