Chapter 04: the Procurement Process Exercise 04-02: Review Procurement Master Data

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Chapter 04: Procurement Process
Exercise 04-02: Basic Procurement Process
Multi Company Code
Rev: 01/17/2011

General Notes and Information

It is strongly recommended that you read through the entire exercise prior to starting. Not all instructions can be provided in a linear manner.

The following symbols are used to indicate important information, as described below:
An arrow highlights an important instruction that must not be overlooked. A pencil prompts you to write down an important piece of information.

Each student or group will be assigned a unique two-digit identifier. This identifier is used in all exercises to uniquely identify your data. Whenever you see ## in these exercises, replace it with
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Navigate to the transaction to create a purchase order:
Logistics Materials Management Purchasing Purchase Order Create Vendor/ Supplying Plant Known

What is the transaction code to Create a Purchase Order: ME21N What is the transaction code to Display a Purchase Order: ME23N What is the transaction code to Change a Purchase Order: ME22N

You can close the window “Enjoy SAP: Purchase Order” (if it is open) so you can view more of the screen.

In the “Create Purchase Order” screen enter the following information: * Field Name | Field Value | Top Field (shopping cart icon) | Standard PO (should be defaulted) | Vendor Number | Enter the code for your Olympic Protective Gear (box to the RIGHT of “Vendor” |

On the very left side of the screen, if you have the helpful “User Interface Help to Use Purchase Order”, you may (CLOSE) out of this for now.

Document Overview should be visible (open) on the left side of the screen. If it is not, then click on the “Document Overview On” button near the top left area of the screen to open it.

Within the Organization Data tab, make sure to enter your Purchasing Organization, your