Life Styles Inventory Interpretation

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The Life Styles Inventory Survey is assessed to allow me to answer the question of, “Who am I, and what causes me to act the way that I do.” It gives an insight to one’s personality and an insight as to how we may treat others. By giving my honest opinion of several questions the results are going to give me an insight on how my thinking styles will influence my behavior as a manager and allow me to use the results for self-improvement. My results show that I

Research has shown that the styles measured by the LSI are related to a number of indicators of effectiveness and success, including leadership effectiveness, management effectiveness, problem solving effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relations, salary, organizational
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It also states that this style is self-defeating. I can agree somewhat with the description of this style as being stated by the LSI. As this being a backup style for me, I see it as going hand in hand with the achievement style. When I am given a task, of course, I would like for it to be done flawlessly. If there is the smallest thing out of place, I will spend as much time as I am able to in correcting it. If I feel that something can be done a little better I will try to achieve that. The LSI states that there is a dramatic difference between the act of perfecting something and the concept of perfectionism. I tend to think of myself more toward the side of “the act of perfecting,” rather than that of the perfectionistic, which may tend to set unattainable goals, in trying to reach that perfectionistic state. On the other hand, I can agree with the perfectionistic as be self-defeating, where, at times you attempt to make things so perfect only to make matters worse. I can confess that there has been times to where I try to fix something and ended up making it worse, because, I had to hit the nail one last time to get it flush with the surface and ended up splitting the wood or I had to turn the screwdriver one last time to tighten and already tightened screw and stripped the head. Some of the words that are associated with the “perfectionistic” style that I can relate to are, believes in action, not words, businesslike, looks for


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