Healthcare Past

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Healthcare: Past, Present and Future
Nervahna Crew
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January 22, 2012

Pick two similar federal policies that were discussed over a span of two different administrations. For example, President Clinton’s and Obama’s health care policies or President’s George H.W. Bush’s and George W. Bush’s foreign policy. Discuss the historical perspective of the time when each policy was discussed or implemented. What was the context or the problem of the day and the urgency for the policy? Analyze the social, economic, and political environments for the times the policies were discussed or implemented. Criticize each policy for its effectiveness of the time. Use four to five credible and reputable
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Provides tax credits to working families to make sure they can afford quality coverage. This year, provides tax credits to small businesses so they can offer competitive, affordable health care to their employees. Supports States starting in plan year 2011 in requiring health insurance companies to submit justification for requested premium increases, and insurance companies with excessive or unjustified premium exchanges may not be able to participate in the new Exchanges. Cracks down on excessive insurance overhead starting in 2011 by applying standards to how much insurance companies can spend on non-medical costs, such as bureaucracy, executive salaries, and marketing, and provides consumers a rebate if non-medical costs are too high.
Before reform, cancer patients and individuals suffering from other serious and chronic diseases were often forced to limit or go without treatment because of an insurer’s lifetime limit on their coverage. Insurance companies would no longer be allowed to put a lifetime limit on the amount of coverage enrollees receive, so families can live with the security of knowing that their coverage will be there when they need it most. The Affordable Care Act builds a bridge to 2014 when a new competitive insurance marketplace will be established for all. If the


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