Healthcare Interview

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Health Care Interview Paper
Tannish Billingsley, Student at Devry University
HSM: 410
May 20, 2012
Becky Gilliland, DR. / Professor at Devry University

Health Care Interview Paper The interview paper that I will be presenting will be on three separate generations for learning information on health care before and present. The three people used in the interview paper are Gussie B.Godfrey my grandmother, Grace Pettigrew my mother and Keta D.Hayes my daughter and my intents are to share with my Professor and others the information that I retrieved and learned during this interview process. First interview: Gussie B. Godfrey Gussie B (2012) states that she is now 94 years of age and consider herself to be health in
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Third interview: Keta D. Hayes Keta D. Hayes is my daughter age 29 married with three children states that she remember always being covered by her dad and I and just never thought much about health care until after she began to have kids and kept the same tradition Keta D (2012). Keta states, her and her husband works so medical insurance is not that expensive to them and neither does having to pay deductibles and out-of-pockets is a problems that Keta says is great because they live at the doctors office with the kids. According to Keta D (2012) the co-pays is what gets them and the fact of being referred from one doctor to another when her and her husbands both have fulltime jobs gets to be hectic at times. Keta D (2012) likes the quick services and the new technology and with her working in the health field, she truly likes paperless process of medical records and has very little complaints except she hates to see others with kids who are not able to afford to take their kids to the doctor when they are sick Keta D (2012). Conclusion: After interviewing my three family members Gussie B. Godfrey, Grace Pettigrew and Keta D. Hayes, I learned many of how much times have changed through the years. Some changes for the good and some according to my mom and grandma for the bad. The older generations appreciate the more personable touch of receiving medical treatments my grandmother Gussie does not even recall seeing doctors or having


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