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Introduction Ideal healthcare system will be the one that works for all the individuals in the community without disparity or confusion. With an ideal healthcare system, members in a community will get adequate access to care, basic information, better research and information for the patients (Yvonne, 2009).In this paper; I will discuss the various key factors to be addressed in the development of an ideal model of care.
Access to health care Access to healthcare is a factor of great importance that needs to be addressed by any healthcare system. Issues such as the
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Since safety net programs will leave patients vulnerable, willing physicians and public hospitals will be required to provide easy access to needy patients. For an ideal healthcare system, palliative and end-of-life care will be an important part of the care physician offices and clinics. The front-line hospital staff will need to be educated and empowered for a better primary palliative care. The availability of a consultation team will be of great importance as it will help the staff in the provision of complex palliative care. The discharge planning will also be evolved to transitional care management and this will come with an active integration of palliative care for patients who are high-risk. Skyrocketing of litigation costs is the order of the day in many healthcare systems. Legal and premium costs will be shared between consumers to prevent patient dissatisfaction for the developed healthcare system. Since high litigation costs and the threat of being sued may be a major impediment to quality care, an ideal healthcare system will avoid and or minimize these costs to make sure that patients enjoy the best healthcare services (Joshua, 2012).
Cultural competence Under cultural competence, the developed healthcare system will provide culturally appropriate services with the potential of reducing ethnic and


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