Healthcare Industry Paper

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Health Care Industry Paper

HCS 449: Health Administration Capstone

Introduction In this paper I will be speaking on the Health Care Industry and how it has changed over the years. There are many aspects of the medical industry that have changed from how medical information is kept to how medication is given. In this paper I will be explaining how health care has changed over the last 10 years and what the biggest change is in the next 10 years. I will also speak about what my role will be in the health industry, especially when it comes to adapting my skills into the health care industry. Along with the information mentioned above I will be expressing my perception of how the health care has changed over the course of my
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Some people discover that change is happening and they panic because they feel that they will not be needed anymore. So my plan is to help them to understand the purpose of this change and what it is that they will still be needed for in order to still do what they love. My role will also be to make sure that the patients are receiving the best care possible when the new electronic medical machine completely takes over their care. Throughout this program I have learned so much from open lines of communication to the legal and ethical ways of handling patient care. I will also make sure that the communication with the patients and the medical staff is a best as possible and that it assures them of all that will be happening within the industry. I will also be there as a great manager by displaying my managerial skills to allow them to have a clear understanding of how much of my support they have in the changes that will be occurring in the health care industry. My perception of the health care industry didn’t really change much because I have been in the medical field for over 10 years and have seen the changes that have been good and others that have not been so good. The program did help me to have a better understanding on how all the factors play a part in the Health Care Administrators role. I do feel that Health Care Administrators do handle a lot more than what I thought and at times things


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