Healthcare Providers and Products

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Health Care Providers and Products

April 18.2016

Health Care Providers and Products A health care provider is any individual, institution, or agency that provides health services to health care consumers otherwise known as patients ( Health care providers are vital because they are trained to provide health services to patients which help treat illnesses, diseases, broken bones, or any injuries or health issues in which they are trained to treat.
One type of health care provider is preventive or public health and they provide treatment to prevent sickness and health issues or to prevent issues from becoming worse. Preventive services are
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Health insurance is a major reason for healthcare access. In 2010, 42.5 million adults (18–64 years of age) had no health insurance coverage. Among adults 18–44 years old, the percentage with private health insurance decreased from 71% in 2000 to 61% in 2010. The percentage of that age group that was uninsured increased from 22% to 27%. Adults 45–64 years of age also experienced a decline in private insurance coverage from 79% to 71%. (CDC, 2012b)
The percentage of those that were uninsured increased from 13% to 16%. In 2009–2010, data indicate that as income level increased, routinely going for needed medical care increased. For example, Hispanic data indicate that 8% of those individuals living at 400% above the poverty level did not go for health care. White data indicates that 7% with the same income level as the Hispanic data did not go: black was 9% and Asian was 4%. As the income level dropped, there was a huge increase in the percentage that did not go to the doctor because of cost. Below 100% of the poverty level, the percentage was 21% for Hispanics, 27% for whites, 24% for blacks and 16% for Asians. Due to the impact of the ACA, the percentage of uninsured for both age groups should decrease due to the health insurance mandates (CDC,


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