Healthcare Disparities

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Disparities in Healthcare Quality
Jacqulin Johnson
Kaplan University

MT305-Health Care Organization and Delivery
Professor Martha Jennings
June 8, 2010

It is prudent to keep in mind that the current system leaves million Americans without health insurance. There are many factors contributing to the poor care quality. Healthcare is too expensive already and barriers just contribute to Americans not getting proper medical care. Americans want the best possible healthcare they can get and they are demanding a basic necessity insurance coverage despite their circumstances. Health care insurance needs to be simplified. Let examine these ten determinants and see if resolving them can simplify healthcare for everyone.
Determinant One:
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Determinant Seven: Religious barriers Doctors see a multitude of patients who do not share the same religious beliefs. Religions dictate how people interact with each other and if one person does not understand and say or does the wrong thing will be considered offensive. A key reason is that the patient’s culture is often seen as a problem, causing a barrier to care ( Tripp-Reimer, T., Choi,). For example, patient health decisions such as going back for a follow up or filling their prescription can be influenced by religious beliefs, or mistrust in Western medicine. In some religions people will use certain plants and herbs to cure whatever ail them. The way good relationships are built is through mutual trust in which enhance continuity of care and promotes medical compliance.
Determinant Eight: Inadequate Health services Those who qualify for Medicaid find it difficult to find doctors who will accept their insurance. Doctors want quick turnaround with payments and with Medicaid the reimbursement takes too long. The current healthcare system leaves too many working families uninsured or under-insured (What's Wrong with America's Health Care). Having inadequate health care not only impact patients but the healthcare system. After all, the less strain we put on the system the better it will be. Most insurance plans do not provide consumers with access to care


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