Case Study 1

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Technology In Healthcare
Final Paper

Topic: Critically evaluate the use of technology in healthcare and the challenges it presents in healthcare delivery. Offer specific examples or situations addressing technology’s contributions to improving the quality of health and healthcare; consider impact on healthcare costs and analyze trade-offs.
The use of technology in healthcare and the delivery of this technology to healthcare present many challenges, technology contributes to improving the quality of healthcare but it does impact healthcare cost, however there are some trade-offs. “The term “medical technology” refers to procedures,
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(McGrady, Elizabeth. 2012) “RFID has been in existence for more than 50 years but has lacked applications that provide a positive return on the substantial initial investment.” (McGrady, Elizabeth. 2012) With the continuing advances in technology radio frequency identification has proven to be a cost benefit and is expected to continue to grow in this technology rich era. (McGrady, Elizabeth. 2012)
Electronic Medical Records Electronic medical records (EMR) have been around since the 1960’s, the implementation of these records allow for patient data to be stored on a computer system versus being stored away in a cabinet. Having these records allows for easy access to information of patient data to sync up with the patient records. (Thomas, RL. 2011) “A review paper comparing the time efficiencies of paper-based and computer-based health records used by both nurses and physicians found that overall, the computer improved time efficiencies of nurses by 2-45% while the physicians also saw some improvements but on average increased time was required.” (Probst, Yasmine. 2011)
Electronic medical records also allows for integration of mobile technology such as IPADs and other mobile devices to can be used, although this also may present a risk. If a mobile device is lost or stolen the data can possibly be removed from the mobile device and the patient’s


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