The Matrix Fate vs Free Will

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The Matrix, Fate Vs Free Will
Fate and free will in the Matrix, fate is non-negotiable as the world is preprogramed. Human actions are predetermined so free will does not exist. When Morpheus offers neo the choice to follow him down the ‘rabbit hole’ or ‘stay in wonderland’ he is offering him the choice between fate and free will. In the scene where Neo first meets the Oracle, there is the possibility of learning what his fate is and his identity. In the final scene, Trinity reveals that she is not afraid to accept her fate in loving Neo; the filmmaker draws attention to the importance of the decision-making, which is at the heart of the fate and free will dichotomy.
In the matrix choice is only an illusion the pathway you chose it has
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Trinity never loses hope in Neo because of the power of her love. The filmmaker uses extreme close ups and flickering bright lights on Neo and Trinity’s faces to show the intensity of the situation. The flickering light is also symbolic of the inner enlightenment that Trinity feels when she says ‘I’m not afraid anymore’ because she makes the decision to love Neo consciously not because it was fated, utilising the free will. Trinities kiss brings Neo back to life as the One, through both of the characters accepting their fate and making the decision that they would not let fate control their decisions they make the conscious decision to chose their own path whether it is fated or not. Neo becomes the One in this scene because he is ready to be the One.
The films exploration of fate and free will is in-depth and is explored in complexity through Neo Morpheus, Trinity and the oracle acts as a catalyst to the future, the filmmaker is showing that the matrix being an artificial world is much less satisfactory then the real world where people make decisions regardless of what’s fated hard decisions and love concurs all. The oracle acts as a director in guiding Neo, Trinity and Morpheus to their fates, and together they productively shape the future. When living in the matrix choice and free will is simply an illusion and through choosing the real world free will can be


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