Healthcare Information Management

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Study of Healthcare Information Management

Jennifer Bartus

HCA352 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management

Olympia Boyce-Taylor

August 18, 2013


There are various legal and ethical aspects of Health Information Management. Government regulations in healthcare continue to make drastic changes. In Healthcare, lawsuits become more and more complex and issues increase. It is important for Health Information managers to have knowledge of healthcare laws.

Laws are created, enacted and enforced in healthcare. US congress federal laws
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Physician-Patient Relationships are the heart of healthcare in the United States. Without patients, physicians would not be able to practice their skills. In the Physician-Patient Relationship, the process begins when the patient requests the physician for treatment and the physician agrees to give treatment to him or her. The most common challenges associated with healthcare management is breech duty of care. The physician has to be obligated to give treatment from beginning to end. He or she may be liable to maintain a certain standard of care. If the physician fails to do so, then the patient has grounds of medical malpractice.

Hospital-Patient Relationships begins when the patient is admitted to the hospital. The patient needs to sign forms agreeing to pay for treatment. The Hospital-Patient relationship ends when the patient is discharged or when the patient leaves the hospital against medical advice. The most common challenge associates with healthcare management falls under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). The physician must treat the patient, transfer the patient or discharge the patient. If the physician violates EMTALA, he or she can be fined over $20,000. When the physician fails to do something for the patient in the hospital, then he or she may be in a


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