Medical Informatics

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Healthcare is a large, complicated field facing many issues in America today. The medical profession is becoming ever so complex that it is consistently pushing information technology tools and techniques to newer heights. Knowledge management in healthcare or medical informatics, is one step towards organizing this complex field. Medical Informatics is the sharing and use of information in the delivery of healthcare. It is a growing and exciting field of study with an incredible demand that will continue for many years to come.
Demand is so high, many Universities are now offering specialized degrees in this field because there is and will be a large workforce needed to accommodate the needs of this field. Medical
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25). Mini-computers, with touch screen technology, are mounted next to the patient’s bed and in emergency rooms. This allows for secure and efficient electronic communication. These mini computers have been introduced into hospice care and even in individual patient’s homes. The virtual bedside provides the “tools that give patients access to their health records, provide interactive patient education, and help them carry out home-monitoring and self-testing can improve control of chronic conditions, such as diabetes” (Tang, 2003).
In the new millennium, information technologists have been striving to create better security and faster Internet speeds. Due to Wi-Fi, Microsoft.Net framework and other information technology, the importance of e-health has grown tremendously. “E-health is the cost-effective and secure use of information and communications technologies in support of health and health-related fields, including health-care services, health surveillance, health literature, and health education, knowledge and research” (WHA, 2002, p. 121). The term e-health characterizes not only a technical development but also a way of thinking, commitment for networked, global thinking to improve healthcare locally and worldwide by using information system and communication technology. E-Health websites such as OpenClinical, PharmaKnowledge and EpharmaLearning are constantly thinking of


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