Criminal Justice Systems Paper

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Criminal Justice System Paper The criminal justice system and the criminal justice process has shaped the laws of this country into what they are today from the concerns of politicians and government leaders as far back as the 1800s with crime control. Basically, the criminal justice system was designed to ensure the safety of individuals whom are citizens of this country. Essentially, the criminal justice system is “the structural basis used to maintain social control” (Education Decisions, 2010). The criminal justice system has many components that work together to provide justice for criminals and victims of crimes. This enables violators of the law to be prosecuted in a fair trial. The legal definition of a crime is a wrong doing …show more content…

The correction agencies carry out the sentences imposed by the courts, to provide a safe and humane facility, and rehabilitate convicted felons.

The Process of the Criminal Justice System The process for the criminal justice system begins with an investigation. After it has been determined that a crime has been committed and evidence has been collected an arrest can take place. Following the arrest is the booking process, photos and fingerprints are taken of the suspect. Within hours of an arrest a suspect must be brought before a magistrate. This process is called first appearance. From here, a preliminary hearing is set forth. This hearing is also known as a preliminary examination. From this hearing it is determined whether there is probable cause to see if a crime has been committed, and if whether or not the defendant committed the crime. The arraignment is where the accused stands before the judge to hear his or her(s) indictment, advised of his or her rights and asked to enter a plea to the courts. Three different pleas exist for a suspect to enter into the courts. The first plea is guilty. The second plea is not guilty, and the third plea is no contest. Defendants who are being accused of a criminal offense have the right to have adjudication. This is also known as a criminal trial by jury. Once a suspect is convicted of a crime it is now the


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