Health Promotion in Hispanics

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Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations
The United States is a melting pot of ethnicity, in which, the healthcare system and its benefits vary widely. Those who are able to obtain primary care insurance via a full time employer, typically have the benefits of full coverage care. However, for many minority groups, full time work alone is hard to acquire, along with the health benefits full time employment provides. Culturally competent care among the diverse populations helps increase health promotion and gain a cultural perspective. One of these mentioned groups is the Hispanic population which is steadily increasing within the United States.
As of 2012, the percentage of Hispanics without health insurance was 29.1 percent Center for
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One approach would be health promotion of different types of cancer, one being colorectal cancer. An example of primary prevention for the Hispanic population would be to do health camps or campaign fairs to educate on the benefits of lifestyle changes. This includes colorectal screening and high fiber diets. Education about lifestyle changes can help decrease the risk factors and reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.
The next step of approaching this condition is secondary prevention. The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada [AFMC] (n.d) states, ‘Secondary prevention includes procedures that detect and treat pre-clinical pathological changes and thereby control disease progression” (para 5). Secondary prevention for colorectal cancer would be colonoscopy screenings. These screenings can play a huge part in detecting this cancer early.
The third step is tertiary prevention. Tertiary prevention is aimed to modify risk factors and reduce the impact of the disease. In the example of colorectal cancer, it would include access to health care and follow up exams. The AFMC (n.d.) states, “The key goal for tertiary prevention is to enhance quality of life” (para 6). With the examples above, it is apparent that approaches such as these would likely be most effective for the Hispanic population. With certain chronic conditions affecting the Hispanic


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