Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
Grand Canyon University: HLT 310V
June 3, 2012

This paper provides a comprehensive look at the following faiths: Buddhism, Judaism, Baha’i, and Christianity. The reader will find that Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion that focuses on the mind as being the creator of illness and health. The reader will also find that Judaism, Baha’i, and Christianity are all religions that believe in one God, the creator of all. This paper lists various components that each of these faiths may use at one time or another to effect healing including prayer, meditation, chanting, the use of healers, etc. This paper also defines what is important to people
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2). Therefore, they welcome the care of anyone no matter the belief system of the caregiver, because they believe anyone who enters this profession is doing God’s work.
Baha’i Faith In the Baha’i faith, there is only one God and all major religions come from Him. Baha’is believe there is only one human race and prejudice must be overcome if humanity is to create a peaceful and just global society. Their spiritual perspective on healing can be summarized in the following quote from the originator of the Baha’i faith, Abdu’l-Baha:
“There is but one power which heals—that is God. The state or condition through which the healing takes place is the confidence of the heart. By some this state is reached through pills, powders, and physicians. By others through hygiene, fasting, and prayer. By others through direct perception” (Baha’i Reference Library, 2003).
This is taken to mean that healing takes all forms for those who hold the Baha’i faith. Those who practice the Baha’i faith, use a variety of things in the healing process including: prayer, meditation and visualization, eating well, taking supplements, exercising, as well as incorporating western medicine and procedures. Since the Baha’i faith supports the notion that all major religions come from the same source, God, a healthcare provider’s spiritual beliefs, though they may be different, should be


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