Police History Paper

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Starting In 1829, Sir Robert Peel began developing his theory of policing. These nine principles are as relevant today as they were in the 1800's. Peel established the Metropolitan Police when he served as Home Secretary of England. Since Sir Robert Peel introduced his principles of policing in the early 1800's, our country has continued to follow his ideas of effective policing. Community policing is based on Peel's concept of prevention.
According to one of Peel’s principals, the real key for policing is "The police are the people and the people are the police". Peel believed that prevention of crime could be accomplished without intruding into the lives of citizens. Sir Robert Peel's first principle was that, “The basic
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The relationship between the U.S. government and police organizations across the United States can be analyzed in several ways. I believe that because the police organizations and the government have a close relationship in several ways. Not only are police organizations expected to follow rules from their own departments, they also must follow standard federal guidelines as well.
There are federal, state and, local levels of police organizations. The federal government roles are similar to that of local and state; however there are a few differences. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the Department of Homeland Security are examples. Employees of these organizations are by law, allowed to make an arrest in any county or state. Unlike local or state police organizations, these officers do not provide basic protection services or simple criminal investigations unless the local or state agency cannot control the situation (say for example a serial killer).
There are some problems with the way our government controls certain things with the other agencies. For example our government ran U.S. military is being used for domestic law enforcement. Also, the federal government is taking over the training, financing and delegation of local police. This could cause many issues, removing the


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