Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue

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Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue
Katy Sforza
Grand Canyon University: HCA - 530

Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue National health care expenses in the United States have been on the rise more rapidly than the national financial system for countless years, however several United States citizens are still lacking adequate health care. Sadly, health care spending is only going to rise and many people in the United States may have to make complicated decisions involving health care and additional responsibilities in their everyday lives if we do not start to reform. By reforming, it is hoped that America will see an increase to high-quality, affordable health care for all. Not only are private sector
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"Making quality care more affordable for individuals, families, employers and governments by developing and spreading new health care delivery models is key." (National Strategy, 2011). Financial management needs to consider reducing costs but still being able to expand access, provide better care and promote population health. They need to come up with initiatives that foster innovations to promote quality but at the same time reduce costs, and under The Affordable Care Act there are provisions that will help them administer simplification. Less paperwork and more electronic processing will lead to less money being spent on phone calls, postage, and check printing costs. There is also the need to reduce waste from undue administrative burdens. (National Strategy, 2011). There is considerable redundancy from health care administration. The time, costs and processes that go into validating payment or processing a claim are significant. There is a strong need for administrative simplification and harmonization. National health care spending is a controversial topic, but one common agreement is that we either need to cut back or maintain our current costs. There are a number of American citizens that are lacking health care coverage and the current reform is a way to lower that percentage. If there is not careful watch over health care spending than us Americans will be much worse off financially than we are now.
Department of Health & Human Services.


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