Argument for a National Health Care System

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) stated that "The health of the individual is almost inseparable from the health of the larger community and that the health of every community in every state and territory determines the overall health status of the nation." It has now become clear that our economy in terms of healthcare insurance is not healthy; the healthcare system in the United States spends 1 cent of every healthcare dollar in the prevention of diseases and 99 cents on the cure. Our healthcare system is the most expensive and yet arguably among the least cost effective in the developed world. Despite the highest per person health care spending among the Organization for Economic Cooperation
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"General Motors pays $1300 in health care costs per car produced, more than it spends on steel…" (Noe, 534) General Motors is the more extreme example of the cost that U.S. companies have to pay for health care. To compete in the globalization trends, U.S. has to update its health care policy. Many foreign companies do not have to spend so much money on health care and therefore can spend more money on R&D for their products and services and even lower the prices for their products and services, thus competing with U.S. companies for sales. With the National Health Care System, companies no longer have to compensate their health care costs by increasing the prices on their products. "Many nonunion employers responded to the threat of unionization by implementing the same benefits for their own employees, thus contributing to benefits growth." (Noe, 538) And therefore, increases the benefits expenses to the employers. Union and nonunion companies keep on upgrading the health benefits to attract and retain quality employees. The National Health Care System will eliminate this competition among unions and nonunion companies. Human Resource department can then spend more time and resources in developing other parts of the Benefits/Compensation package, such as salary, pay, and


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