United States Health Care Issues and Trends

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Executive Summary
The United States continues to spend significantly more on health care than any country in the world; however, even though with this statistic the United States has a lot of uninsured and does not have the healthiest citizens. The lack of universal healthcare coverage in the United States has been a forefront issue. With the overwhelming amount of uninsured Americans and the past unsuccessful efforts of health care reform, the possibility of universal health care seemed to be very unlikely. The new healthcare reform bill that was recently passed under Obama’s administration anticipates covering 30 more million of the uninsured (Riegelman, 2010). However, this bill does not offer universal healthcare. While excellent
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The Italian system’s items for mandatory coverage are its best success, providing essential drugs and essential health services that could be used in an US system. I believe France would be a great country to take lessons from. One thing about health care reform in the country was change happened in increments within a multiple payer system. Universal health care was not accomplished with one or two legislation. Over the years different categories were included in the national health insurance and thus led to universal health care in the country presently. I believe the Affordable Care Act is that first step. France has a multiple payer system. The United States hardly has a system. In order to consolidate the many payers within the country, adopting a multiple payer system would be the best choice for the country (Rodwin, 2003).
A thorough examination of the different health care models among the nations would make it seem that universal healthcare is possible in the United States. I believe that it is a concept that sounds great in theory but will be a long and difficult process if and when the nation attempts to carry it out. I believe that over-utilization of services contributes to exponential costs in the health care system. Even though our country has managed care, which did reduce costs drastically, patients do have free access to specialists and services that are more expensive. America has an


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