Hate Crimes Essay

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Essay #2: What are the roots of the violence/hate crimes today in our contemporary society? What can we do to reduce them? Explain.

The world is full of HATE. What is this word? What makes someone HATE someone else enough to kill or harm another human being? Hate crimes are criminal actions intended to harm or intimidate people because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or other minority group status. They are also referred to as bias crimes.
Hate crimes have been going on in the world for a long time. I view the crucifixion of Jesus as the first hate crime. Jesus was crucified by the Romans because of religious reasons they didn’t agree with. Did the Crucifixion of Jesus become the root of hate crimes going on
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People, who lack exposure to other people, cultures, and diversity, tend to be ignorant. They fear the unknown or what is foreign to them. So ignorance breeds fear. If that fear is not kept in check, the fear will breed hatred. People tend to hate those things that frighten them. If the hatred is not kept in check, it will breed destruction. People want to destroy what they hate, because it caused them to be afraid. There's a good possibility that what they were afraid of, was harmless, but they were to ignorant to realize it. So with that being said all we can do is try to reduce it, because with all the stupid people in the world, hate crimes are never going to end.

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