CIPP Diploma in Payroll Management-Work Based Project Proposal

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IPP Diploma in Payroll: Work Based Project: Proposal
Working Title
Flexible Benefit Choices: A review of new and existing choices within the Company.
The key based mentor for this project is HR Manager of the Company. The researcher works within close proximity of the mentor as Payroll Administrator. There is a good working relationship and full support has been expressed by the mentor.
Various potential projects were discussed and the feasibility and beneficial factors to both the Company and the researcher were assessed. It was concluded that the flexible benefits choices project will benefit from the collaboration between the researcher, the Company and the supervisor.
The nature of the researcher’s role within the
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The following reading list will examine the theories of communication, change management and motivation, behind the project and aid the implementation process;
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The primary research methods chosen for this project are questionnaires and focus groups. The two methods are appropriate as they will provide both qualitative and quantitative results.
The use of questionnaires will enable the researcher to ask a large sample group over a short period of time as well as being easy to administer. The responses can be collected and analysed immediately.
The questions will consist of a mixture of closed-ended and open- ended questions, although, the researchers understanding of the population will construct a questionnaire that is mainly closed- ended.
Following on from the