Sorry for the Loss Essay

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English Essay
Bridget Keehan: Sorry for the Loss (2008)
Throughout human history, we have looked for answers. And we still do. Answers can be found in religion, science, philosophy, but some questions have no conclusive answers. One of these questions is ‘what is good, and what is evil’? While we have laws and rules, both as religions and society, the distinction between good and evil is never precise. Does an evil offense make the offender evil or is it only the offense itself that is evil, and not the offender? These questions are what this story revolves around.

Sorry for the Loss is a short story from 2008, written by welsh writer Bridget Keenan. The story is told in the third person from the point of view of the story’s main
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He also seeks the advice of Evie, when he talks about his neighboring inmate’s treatment of pigeons: [Victor]: “That’s what I live next door to Miss. I know he isn’t right in the head but that’s evil innit?” [Evie]: “What he is doing is evil. God says love the sinner, hate the sin.” (Pg. 5 lines 131-132). Victor is probably searching for answers to these questions, because he himself is an example of the grey area between good and evil. He struggles to figure out, if he is an evil person, something he clearly does not want to be. This is represented in his application for the SORRY Course. The SORRY Course is a symbol of Victor’s regret, and whether the letters spelling out SORRY is an abbreviation, or is the actual name of the program, the symbol seems pretty clear: [Victor]: “(…) No it’s SORRY I’m after.” (Pg. 4 lines 87). Victor is also questioning the value of life. He does not seem very affected by his grandmother dying, but is very affected by his neighboring inmate killing pigeons. This might be a sign of Victor trying to find the distinction between good and evil. His grandmother died a natural death, and even though this is sad, she died for natural reasons. The pigeons die due to an evil act, and their lives are cut short because of it. This is probably what bothers Victor. Victor representing the grey area between good and evil combined with him seeming indifferent towards his grandmother’s death confuse


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