Baderman Island Resort

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Baderman’s Island Resort has three hotels, a convention center, four restaurants, two gift shops, a pro shop, and a spa. The Baderman’s marketing department determines to increase Baderman’s market share by introducing the resort to a new generation of internet-savvy potential guests. The aim is to introduce Web 2.0 functionalities such as interface to social networking sites, incorporation of videos, multimedia, wikis, blogs, and mobile access to their website. After reviewing Baderman’s Island Resort’s business objective and deciding on the web technology that best suits for meeting these objective, we have propose below implementation recommendation.
It is important that Baderman Island Resort stay competitive in the
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With the use of CSS we can also hide content from certain browsers in certain situations, and multiple style definitions will cascade into one. This has advantage of presenting the website to old browsers as well. According to (2011), CSS also offer much more flexibility in terms of the presentation effects it provides; such as margin, color, border, background and much more. CSS develop strategies for maximizing forward and backwards browser compatibility. There are a variety of exposure of web design and testing tools that can aid in the creation of attractive, standards-abiding documents.

Advantages of XSLT and XHTML
We chose Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) as the language to separate Baderman’s web contents layer from the presentation layer. The big advantages of using XLST and XHTML with web 2.0 is that we can automate the generation of content by replacing the static file with a script to support other file formats. For example, if the page has generated report from a DB query. The user can generate an XML format report using a basic web service, and then the client code could present that result as an HTML table, a CSV file, or another XML format such as OpenDoc or the Microsoft Office 2010 format.
The main advantage is the separation between content and presentation. With XSLT, we can have an XML with the raw contents of the