Gun Shooting on American Campus

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Reflection on Gun Shooting on American Campus

Nowadays the campus violence problem becomes a hot topic which arouses more and more people to be concerned about campus gun shooting. People in the world have heard and seen this kind of tragedy over and over in the news. The Safety of United States schools was seriously questioned by the world when in the news all we heard about was there was another shooting in an American high school or university. According to “School Shooting Statistics” which I searched from “Top10 Crimes” website, there are more than 40 shootings on American campus from 1996 – 2009. The gun shooting on American campus is a serious problem that is worth thinking about, because all the parents hope their children can
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Does this will encourage more shootings? In addition, gun shooting is also a wake-up call to the video game industry to re-evaluate the amount of violence in games. Violence video games became a primary cause of rising violence among young people. Seung-Hui Cho, who is the shooter in Virginia Tech shooting event, according to the report, his favorite video game is CounterStrike which is a first-person shooter game where players choose to be terrorists or counter-terrorists and complete different objectives. In this video game, players will gain the knowledge about firearms and shooting skills. Why some students are admitted to violence video games? What kind of feeling those games can bring to them? Will those games lead young people to commit mass murder in the real world? In the essay Moral Disagreement which is written by Kwame Anthony Appiah, it claims that “people everywhere have ideas about the responsibility to their children”. However, some of the parents, especially the homicides’ parents didn’t pay much attention to their children. They seldom care about their children’s life and their spiritual world. This kind of dereliction of duty also happened with school authorities. They didn’t realize that mental problems are important for students and they cannot be ignored.
The school and family care are really important for students. Most of the gunmen had mental problems. The school and family didn’t pay much attention to those


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