NT2799 Oral exam Study Guide

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Topic 1
Level 1 Internal components of a computer.
a. CPU
b. GPU
c. Motherboard
d. Power supply
e. RAM
Level 2 explain in simple terms the I/O process
a. You input information perhaps via a keyboard or mouse to the computer and you receive output via a monitor or printer or some such device
Level 3 You type “abcd” but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go about resolving this issue?
a. Check cables (physical layer first)
b. Update print drivers (didn’t solve)
c. Make the wrong driver is installed.
d. If nothing works perhaps the printer is defective
Topic 2
Level 1 What is the OSI model?
a. 7 layered model Physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application.
Level 2 Use
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Assign permissions to each user in Active Directory by adding them to the proper groups.
3. Level 3: Troubleshooting
A user is unable to login on a desktop connected to a windows server 2008 domain.
Account locked?
ADDS running?
Correct domain?
Is the computer a member of the domain?
Does the user have an account?

Topic VIII: Universal Group Membership Caching and Global Catalog

Level 1: Definition
What is the global Catalog? What is the Universal Group Membership Caching?
List of all the things in a domain

Level 2: Application
What is the advantage?
Cuts down on network traffic because information doesn’t have to be constantly sent.
Make it faster because the user doesn’t have to go to the central site.
Still have login access

Level 3: Troubleshooting
Have global catalog at the remote site, enable caching

Topic IX General programming
Level 1 Definition
What is an algorithm?
It’s a detailed set of logical steps a program needs to follow to solve a given problem

Level 2: Applications
Describe in either pseudo code or a flow chart a process that prompts the user to enter a number in the range of 1 through 100 and validates the input. A display message that tells the user the number 1 through, then the user enters the number to validate have a program running the background to help the user and re prompt him if he enters the number wrong.

Level 3 troubleshooting
A program is not producing the