Group Leadership and Conflict Summary

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Group Leadership and Conflict Summary
July 27, 2015
Robert Holland

Group Leadership and Conflict Summary
In this week’s assignment we as a group, were to watch the two videos “Planning a Playground” and “Politics of Sociology”, discuss them as a group and write a summary. Being that this is my first online class that I have had to work with a group in I was very nervous about it. When doing discussions online, without prior physically meeting and getting to know one another, things can always take a turn that is not intended or needed. My team/group was great! Not only was the intent of our discussion clear but I also liked how we all posed questions within our discussions that made you really think. We challenged and
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In my learning team we also discussed “ The Politics of Sociology”. This video was about the Sociology department of a college trying to figure out what classes were going to be removed and what was going to added. The things that transpired in this team are not the things you want from a team, nor do you want this to happen while in a team. This whole meeting was an issue, from the hostile tones, the belittling and judgmental comments, the lack of communication and not having a great leader. There were so many things wrong with this group and meeting that if there was something good it was diminished quickly. I remember one team member trying to diffuse the situation but that was non-effective. I feel that Steve did a horrible job as a leader. He should have removed the hostile environment that he allowed Helen to start. The only thing Steve was great at was presenting the focus of the meeting. He didn’t keep the meeting on the right path of communicating. There was guidance and there was no respect for one another. They kept cutting each other off as they spoke; they were not listening and taking each other's feelings into consideration. This was all bad. The type of conflict I saw in this video was deconstructive conflict.
Destructive conflict or responses


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