Organisational Behaviour

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PRESENTATION DATE: 06 / 05 / 2012

Table Of Contents:

i) Abstract

ii) Introduction

iii) Job Responsibilities: Bank Manager

iv) Key Personnel Description and Relationships

a) Organization

b) Tellers / Personal Bankers

c) Customers - Existing / Potential

d) Specialist Managers / Relationship Managers

e) Summary

v) Diagram: Branch Structure and Interdependencies

vi) Diagram Summary

vii) Conclusion

viii) Bibliography / Reference

i) Abstract:

The report seeks to highlight the intricacies in the role of Bank Manager in a retail branch of the banking industry. The aim
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Each group has its own skill set and tasks and each individual within the group have varying capabilities, skills, attitudes and personalities, that requires moulding, guiding and motivating to perform as one (Oshiotse & O'Leary - 2007).The manager has the responsibility to coach, train and equip each individual with the necessary skills to perform these functions, to help them improve and become more efficient, accurate and effective at their jobs. The ABM also needs to ensure that every one interacts and performs as a team. This includes, coordinating and delegating tasks to enable the smooth running of the branch. This also means having interpersonal relationships to identify the individuals level of skill, development, training requirements and more importantly, their motivational factors, that may lead to better team morale, higher service quality and excellent productivity (Daft - 2010). The ABM requires the skill and the knowledge to be able to identify motivating and job satisfying factors via one on one coaching, group activities or simply socialising with the staff. Socialising is also used to improve working relationships between individuals by getting to know each other personally in, or outside of work.

v) Diagram: Branch structure with roles and interdependencies.

vi) Diagram Summary

The diagram shows the connection between the roles and their interdependencies and the complementary nature of


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