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Running head: Analysis of “Still I Rise” 1

Analysis of “Still I Rise”
When reading, “Still I Rise”, by Maya Angelou, I immediately get a sense of perseverance and pride. The author seems to be addressing her adversaries directly through her words. I love the imagery used in this poem. I can almost see the dust rising and can feel the swelling of the black ocean that the author mentions. “Cause I walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living room”(Angelou, 1978), and, “Laugh like I’ve got gold mines diggin’ in my own back yard” (Angelou, 1978), tells me that the author feels that her life is joyous and priceless, and can’t be taken away. As the phrase, “I Rise” (Angelou, 1978), is repeated again and again, it’s as if I can
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The images evoke emotion and make one feel a part of the author’s experience. Maya’s Analysis of “Still I Rise” 3 use of metaphors was powerful. She described herself as “a black ocean, leaping and wide/ Welling and swelling I bear in the tide” (Angelou, 1978). The author’s comparison lets the reader know that, although she has faced opposition and many obstacles, she has overcome them. Maya uses repetition of the phrase “I Rise” (Angelou, 1978). This repetition suggests that no matter what happens, “I” will rise. Maya used rhyme at the ending of each line. This helps to guide the reader through the poem. It also helps to draw the reader in.
In today’s society, there is devastation worldwide. No person makes it through this life without experiencing some form of discrimination. “Still I Rise” is an inspiring message for anyone who has encountered, or is currently facing, suffering or hardship. This poem is a reminder to all that we have the strength to overcome with dignity, grace, and pride of self. It is a message of hope!
Growing up in a poor farming family, from a poor rural community, I was rarely exposed to poetry outside of nursery rhymes or snippets of poetry on television. What little poetry I studied throughout my school years I’ve long forgotten. I began this assignment the dread. I was not excited about reading or learning about poetry. I’m definitely more comfortable