Short Answer Essay Assignment

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Ernesto Castillo

Jodie Baeyens


August 14, 2015

Short Answer Essay Assignment

1. Based on the readings from weeks one and two, discuss the images of America the European writers constructed to promote colonization and settlement. What kinds of unique natural resources and environmental factors did they extol in their accounts of the New World? Relate these images to natural resources and environmental factors today.
The Purposes behind coming to America was as diverse as the people living in it. America turned into the Promised Land of mankind, offering individuals a grand belief of a dream of extended opportunities and new hopes which was denied to them in the Old World. Europeans writers wrote an enormous
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After his arrival to England, his limited time works contributed essentially to English endeavors for an American Empire.
John Smith made a significant Historical impact through his adventures. From this passage he explains how he was rescued by Pocahontas:
Having feasted him after their best barbarous manner they could, a long consultation was held, but the conclusion was, two great stones were brought before Powhatan; then as many as could laid hands on him, dragged him to them, and thereon laid his head, and being ready with their clubs to beat out his brains, Pocahontas, the King’s dearest daughter, when no entreaty could prevail, got his head in her arms, and laid her own upon his to save him from death. (Smith 33)
The English and the Indians did not have a decent relationship in any form of the imagination. The two nations were continually battling; the Indians would assault the English with their bows and arrows and the English would assault with their black powder rifles. Being a peaceful lady, Pocahontas was never included in the war going ahead between the English and the Indians and rather served as a mediator and interpreter. Pocahontas is understood in light of her marriage to an Englishman named John Rolfe. Many people believe Pocahontas wedded John Smith as a result of the Disney depiction of Pocahontas; in fact, Pocahontas only


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