Away from Her- Evaluative Essay

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Alzheimer’s - A Progressive, Degenerative Disorder

Alzheimers- A Progressive, Degenerative Disorder Imagine a wife and husband being married for 44 years and having one of them not remember who the other is, or their past life together. The film Away From Her (Egoyan, et al., 2006) shows viewers how the disease can greatly impact your life, and how quickly it can form. The film was based off of a short story “The Bear Came over the Mountain” by Alice Munro (Munro, 2013). In both works, the author and the director portray a significant struggle between a husband and wife dealing with Alzheimer’s.
Summary of Story
In the short story “The Bear Came over the Mountain” (Munro, 2013) and the film Away From Her (Egoyan, et al., 2006),
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Fiona believes that he is just a persistent visitor saying to Grant,” Well your persistent aren’t you?”(Egoyan, et al., 2006). Grant feels a little left out and grabs her and tries to shake her out of it. He misses her and he cannot handle her with another man and not remembering anything about him.
Falling Action The falling action comes when Aubrey is taken out of Meadowlake, sending Fiona in a downward depression. She would not get out of bed for days and cause her muscles to deteriorate. Grant is then contacted and has to make the hardest decision, bringing Aubrey back to see Fiona. Then enters Marion in the story (Egoyan, et al., 2006), Aubreys wife. Marion and Grant quickly find a common ground, their spouses who suffer from Alzheimer’s. Marion calls Grant that night and asks him to the town social. Grant accepts and Marion and he then have a sexual relationship, not because they liked each other, but because they both were going through the same hurt. Grant brings Aubrey back to Meadowlake to see Fiona.
Walking in the Aubrey in a wheelchair, Grant does not smile or talk to anyone. He heads up to the dreadful second floor to see Fiona. The nurse Kristy sees him and decides to join him on the elevator. Grant then asks Aubrey,” If you wouldn’t mind...Could I have a moment alone before you come in? To explain things?” (Egoyan, et al.,2006). Grant walks in to find Fiona sitting at her table reading the book from


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