Grief Counseling

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Grief Counseling
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Grief is defined as a type of emotional or mental suffering from a loss, sorrow, or regret (, LLC, 2010). Grief affects people of all ages, races, and sexes around the world. Approximately, 36% of the world’s population does or has suffered from grief and only a mere 10% of these people will seek out help (Theravive, 2009). Once a person is suffering from grief it is important to receive treatment. All too often, people ignore grief resulting in deep depression, substance abuse, and other disorders (Theravive, 2009). Grief counseling is very common and can be very helpful to a person in need of assistance. Grief counseling provides the support, understanding, and
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Loyalty is one of the most important values that any organization can have because being loyal to the clients, employees, partners and community members shows a great sense of responsibility not only to the organization itself but to everybody who is involved with the organization.
A person who is grieving most times does not think “properly” and feels that they can trust nobody and stressing the strength of loyalty of the organization can provide a great sense of relief to the client who is in need of grief counseling. It may take a lot of effort for a person to admit that they need any type of counseling and to accept that they are grieving because of a loss and others may be forced to receive grief counseling and walk into a center with a bad attitude that nobody understands their situation and that nobody can be trusted because of it and conveying the strong value of loyalty within the organization and among the employees can be a door-opener to certain people. Overall, the core values will show the quality, care, respect, integrity, knowledge, customer satisfaction, and care that are encompassed by the organization. The values are important to the grief counseling center as it provides the bond of trust between the counselor, client, and the community. It is


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