bshs 405 week 3 individual paper

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Treatment Plan
Vivian E.Martinez
August 18, 2014
Latera Davis
Treatment Plan
Constructing a treatment and service plan for a client involves various components. Prior to starting a treatment plan the professional should carry out a client evaluation. The evaluation should determine the basis of the difficulty or issues and assess the back ground of the client. After the completion of the evaluation, a professional can start constructing an agreement to fulfill the needs of the client. The treatment plan should include goals that relate to the difficulties and issues the client is experiencing, this assessment will discuss the components of Mr. McCunes personalized treatment program.
Detail of Treatment Program
Larry McCune is
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Implementation Strategies
Following the development of his treatment plan by ensuring that he is content and confident about taking steps for making changes, the professional and Larry can assess the strategy before applying it. Larry should be knowledgeable about potential problems that may occur during the plan and what he needs to do if he encounters any difficulties. Larry should also request to have contact numbers and addresses of the agencies from where he will be completing his treatment as well as who will be scheduling his appointments. The client’s phobia about transportation is very crucial and will need to be resolved as it will allow him to travel to his appointments. As soon as the treatment strategy is analyzed and Larry becomes conscious of steps he needs to take first, the helper can arrange the follow up meeting or telephonic session to assess Larry’s progress. Conclusion
Larry has been facing many problems and gone through a lot of pain as result of a traffic accident that took place 4 years ago. He is yearning to resume to his life the way it was before the incident, although he knows it will never be the same, he would like to carry on in his life. The treatment strategy that was created for Larry will determine objectives to work for and equip Larry with enough resources to achieve his objectives and