Terminal Illness Impact on Family Functioning and Bowenian Therapy

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Terminal Illness Impact on Family Functioning and Bowenian Therapy

This paper will discuss the adjustments that accompany terminal illness within a family setting. The methods that are applied in the theory of choice will be explored as to whether the treatment is appropriate for this type of tragedy. The compatibility of this theory and this issue will be explored when dealing with the family unit.

Terminal Illness Impact and Bowenian Therapy A family is two or more people who consider themselves family and who assume obligations, functions, and responsibilities generally essential to healthy family life. (Barker, 1999. p.155). Families create patterns that are passed on from grandparents to parents and from parents
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Most families put the differences aside so that the issue at hand can be dealt with. Bowen viewed that the two forces: togetherness and individuality centered on the two counterbalancing each other. (Nichols & Schwartz. 2009. P. 140). If a family member has an unresolved issue of some sort with other family members, then how can it be expected for the family to function in a time of distress? Resolving an emotional attachment to the family is what this theory says must take place in order for the functioning to work. As adults we are expected to fulfill certain roles and positions. As productive aspects of the community as well as within the family as a participating member, this must be accomplished. It reflects back to the upbringing and the culture that a person comes from. When a family is not able to function as a whole unit, stress can be a good thing because it gives the family a common goal in which to work towards fixing together. Terminal illness can be a surprise as well as an expected occurrence. It can cause strain on a family emotionally, financially, and physically. Dealing with grief and loss, may make the family feel as if they are on a roller coaster ride. The ability of a family’s survival is a part of the foundation on which the family is built. Illness can last for short periods of time as well as for extended periods. Every member of a family handles situations