Lowe's Case Study

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Executive Summary This general case study on Lowe's will convey the conclusions drawn by our team along with our recommendations on how this company should proceed. As discussed in the introduction (1 A/B) there is one key problem with Lowe's and that is the fact that they are not number one. The introduction further outlines some areas of improvement within the Lowe's company such as maintaining and improving current success, increasing market share, boosting sales growth and offsetting increasing administrative expenses. Emphasis is placed on the importance that Lowe's choose strategies that will meet its objectives of increasing market share and revenues (Lowe's corporate home page, 2004). Beginning in section 2A, it is noted …show more content…

When it comes to Lowe's marketing mix, the product, price, and place are becoming more and more similar with its number one competitor. They carry the same products, their prices are very similar on many items, and they are located in the same areas, if not on the same street. The main difference that brings strength to Lowe's is the promotion.
According to one article ("How Lowe's Hammers," 2004), Lowe's research within the industry has shown them an interesting technique of promoting its products. "Thanks to its extensive customer research, Lowe's concluded several years ago that 80% of home-improvement decisions were initiated not my men, but by women." The article continues, "Lowe's began making its stores cleaner and brighter and adding more designer-name goods by the likes of Laura Ashley and Michael Graves."
This is a fantastic way to promote their products over their competitor, Home Depot. These stores are huge warehouses that are not appealing at all. They have an ominous, overwhelming feeling to them as you walk through the cement covered aisles with less than perfect lighting. This is not only unappealing to the female consumer, but it can have a psychological affect on men as well. When the atmosphere of the store is pleasing, it makes a difference.
With the company's new approach, they have increased their likelihood for growth. Financially, they are doing well within their market, and are


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