Whole Foods International Expansion

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Global Business Plan: Whole Foods Market Expands to Munich, Germany
October 15, 2012

Whole Foods Market, a supermarket chain which emphasizes "natural" and organic products, centers their core competencies and values on product quality, pleasing customers, creating a positive environment for employees, education on healthy eating, prosperity, environmental stewardship and positive partnerships with suppliers. Listed as one of the world's healthiest countries, Germany is an ideal location for Whole Foods to expand and share its experience. Initially, Whole Foods is going to expand to one location in Munich, Germany. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, which also offers surrounding farms to serve as suppliers for Whole
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2. Cultural Trends
Pertaining to food customs, Germans tend to purchase their food products on a daily basis, or several times a week. There is a large emphasis on home prepared meals, and take out and fast foods are scarce in Germany. German food markets will know and market the meats and produce to their consumers so consumers know where their foods are coming from, and which produce is in season. 3. Quality of Life
Munich is well known for its excellent cultural and leisure facilities and its high standard of living in general - witness the findings of a recent study by Mercer, a London-based management consultancy. The study examined political, economic, social and other aspects of 215 major cities worldwide. Munich was found to have the lowest crime rate of all large cities in Germany.
A medley of cultural groups contributes to the city's unique international flair. No wonder companies from every continent willingly move here. Munich is home to the head offices of more international corporations than any other city in Germany. Moreover, having swiftly adapted to today's multicultural society, the city offers people who work here an inspiring, creative environment. Traditional Bavarian openness and tolerance blend perfectly with cutting-edge technologies (City of Munich, Department of Labor, 2012).
4. Informal Trade Barriers Although Germany does have a surplus of farms and a


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