7 Eleven Entry in Germany

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7-Eleven: A multinational
By: Eveline M. Koster

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Course: International Strategic Management
By: Eveline M. Koster

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Chapter 1 7-Eleven and its International Expansion 4
Introduction 4
History 4
Internationalization Approach 5
Conclusion 8
Chapter 2: 7-Eleven Japan: Why has it been so successful? 9
Introduction 9
History 9
Profitability and growth 9
Differentiation 11
Conclusion 11
Chapter 3: International Expansion: Germany 12
Introduction 12
Macro- Environment 12
Convenience Stores in Germany 14
Consumer Shopping Behavior 14
US Suppliers and Products in Germany 15
Conclusion 16
Summary 17
Tabel 1: Overview of 7-Eleven Territories 18
Literature 19 Introduction
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territories of Puerto Rico and Guam. The company entered franchising in 1964, signed its first United States area licensing agreement in 1968, and signed the first international licensing agreement with Mexico in 1971. In 2004, 7-Eleven opened a new licensed operation in Beijing, China .

Internationalization Approach

Reasons for expansion The article of Daniels & Radebaugh mentions 4 reasons for international expansion. In the case of 7-Eleven, the objective is mainly to expand sales. The market in the US was almost maxed out and was closing more stores than new ones were opened in 2003. In my opinion there is also a second reason for international expansion. On an international scale, 7-Eleven doesn't have a real competitor and by going abroad 7-Eleven benefited well from its first mover advantage, not only financially but it was also able to establish 7-Eleven as a real brand name (f.e., while in Japan, the words ‘7-Eleven' were used to appoint any type of convenience store).

International Mode of Operation The worldwide corporation of 7-Eleven is managed from a multinational perspective, in which approaches can differ per country. In some countries, the licensees fall directly under 7-Eleven US,


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