Children's Lit Task 1

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Part A.
In the past five years, children’s literature has had many common themes. Bullying has been a popular subject of interest at all levels of reading. This trend reflects a rising concern about cyberbullying and the sometimes dramatic effects it can have on a child’s life. Writers and parents are making an effort to show children that what they do to their peers has real consequences and to be mindful with their words and actions. Another popular subject is dystopian futures. This interest is in part due to the success of The Hunger Games trilogy, children have become interested in the future of their planet.

Another interesting trend in children’s literature is mixing of genres, such as mixing cartoons and novels, which may be
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This Caldecott Medal winning story is told in extremely descriptive language with the sounds of the animals and their actions written into the text. The art is beautifully drawn in a very unique and vibrant style. Each picture informs the story and suggests movement and life. Children will be very interested in the unique pictures in this tale. In order to imitate the art style in this book, children will use white paper, white crayons, and watercolor paint in order to recreate their favorite animal. First, children will use white crayons to draw the outline of the animal and they they will paint watercolors inside the lines. Children may then create a story about this animal’s behavior and why it acts this way.

Adoff, A., & McCully, E. A. (1973). Black is brown is tan. New York, NY: Harper & Row.
This story shows a mixed-race family loving each other and taking joy in the little things families do together. The mother is black and the father is white, the children are happy and have fun with each other and their parents. This story is told in rhythmic verse and is illustrated beautifully to show the joy and love in the household that is described in the words. The words are descriptive and simple but require some thought to understand their meaning. The words also demonstrate diversity and unity. While reading the story aloud, the teacher will ask the children to find the rhythms in the text. After hearing the story read


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