Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care It System

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Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT System
ShaVette Howard
Instructor Name: Ilisher (Lisa) Ford
Health Information Systems
November 29, 2014

Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems
With the rapid growth in technology, many healthcare organizations have embraced the use of healthcare information technologies. As such, the information technology department has various staffs that perform fundamental roles in the information technology-related activities. It ranges from activities of customizing a software to implementing and maintaining a network to ensure effective system backups. In addition, these healthcare information technologies bring about other
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Another important function is that, CIOs provides effective leadership on the utilization of advanced HITs, and at the same time, ensure the support the organizational strategies, and the organizational priorities. Apart from this, technology, especially in the healthcare field is rapid, and there are opportunities for innovations. Therefore, the CTO leads the IT team in areas, which require innovation, business intelligence and integration of HITs. Similarly, the rapid growth and development of HITs has brought about healthcare regulations. The CTO ensures that, the health care organization is up to date with the most recent regulation concerning the use of healthcare information technologies. In the same context, the CTO ensure that, the organization is aware of the emerging HITs, and subsequently assist the CIO in developing IT strategies (Tan, Payton, & Tan, 2010).
Clearly, the CTO and the CIO have distinct roles in healthcare organizations. However, at other times, they come together, or work in collaboration to ensure that, HITs are aligned to the organizational mission and vision. Therefore, their roles are crucial, and in one way or another, they can take part in enhancing patient satisfaction, in that context. CIOs take part in the training of the healthcare staff in the using of HITs. While some staff may be


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