Gender Roles in Movies

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Gender Roles in Contemporary Film and Music
The representations of women in film.

In contemporary film women's roles in films have varied quiet considerably between genres, geographical placement, and between period settings. These factors contribute to the different representations of women's roles in the film they are present in.
These roles are diverse going from the traditional maternal role to that of manipulative murderer. In contemporary media these roles are given higher status, in the pass the highest a female role could be at most was a side-kick or a co-star, they were given the title leading lady if they were at there best and yet they would always be second best. However, in present times in more
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This presents a male iconography or profile that retains the stereotype of masculine traits of strength and protection of a muscular and handsome man who can do no harm to the innocent making him a morally responsible character. Yet the male gender can also be portrayed as a heartless, villain who cares about no one and is greedy in order to further himself no matter who he hurts on the way. In most contemporary films the representation of men in them are usually generalised and they can always be found in specific examples that are present in every film. Though the male role is much stronger, it actually works against the plot as this equation of plot type has been successful so many times before that directors have just stuck to it and not dare venture into new types due to production companies not wanting to lose profits therefore the male representation although it could be very dynamic in variety, it actually turns out to be similar and repetitive. However like all film gender representations there are of course the exception to the dominant rule of the social norms that are reflected by the film representations setting up an idol by which the male public have to look up to. This explains why the production companies reinforce the idea of a male character being a family man who stands by his family, the hero who will do anything for his sensitive and


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